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    FRP Pole (conic pole) Machine
    This production line is design for tapered/conic GRP pipes with small diamter.From pipe liner making and curing, structural layer making and curing, finishing and grooving and pipe extraction,step by step, with the following available 
    Application commonly for street light poles.The product according to various countries or international standard..

    Pipe Diameter: DN100 mm - DN500 mm
    Pipe Length : 6m- 12m-14m(sole)
    Winding mode: Hoop, helical, auto exchange

    Consists of:
    -GRP Pipe liner making machine
    -GRP Pipe filament winding machine
    -Curing Station
    -Auxiliary device
    -System of Mixing Resin
    -GRP pipe extraction machine
    -GRP pipe rectification machine
    -GRP pipe hydro-testing machine
    -Mould / Mandrel (Solid mandrel /Collapsible mandrel)

    Advantage than general other materials pipe or pole:
    1. Light weight, easy carried installation foundation
    2. High corrosion resistant
    3. Good aesthetics, joint less
    4. Durability, freedom from maintenance
    5. High bending strength
    6. No rust, chemical resistant, vandal resistant

    Advantage than pultrusion pipe 
    1.  Good axial strength tensile,the highest strength-to-weight ratio.
    2.  Much fiber contents.
    3.  Different length choose.