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    GRV (composite high pressure vessels) machine
    Is portal type filament winding machine with 1-4movement axis and 1-6 working spindles.
    he roving(glass fiber/carbon fiber) impregnated with resin will be on mandrel by the movement of mandrel rotation, trolley horizontal movement, cross feed and roving comb rotation under the winding pattern control software.
    Filament winding direction axis 1-4
    Working spindle 1-4
    Vessel diameter: DN50-DN1500mm
    Vessel maximum length: 2500mm

    Equipment Advantage
    1. Versatile, flexible dependable, cost-effective
    2. High strength, low weight, high corrosion resistance
    3. Simultaneous CNC control, low maintance, long using life
    4. Can accommodate various part geometries, sophisticated level.
    5. Less space, high automatic, low labor required.
    6. Professional and experience engineer production service

    1. Pipe for water, oil, sewerage
    2. High pressure tanks and bottles
    3. Natural gas vehicles, compressed natural gas tank
    4. Granary, silo storage for grain
    5. Emergency care
    6. Rescue air tank, compressed air tank
    7. Explosion -proof tank   
    8. composite gas cylinder(Type 4,Type IV) for CNG or LPG
    9. Military parts
    10. Any other product required the reinforcement strength made by multi axis winding